Our charity help those people who have no hope


Help Children in poverty. Become a volunteer with Psalm 1 Victory Foundation Inc., and you will pay a vital role in changing the lives of children throughout the world. Volunteer for our Fundraising Programs


Did you know that there are more than 2,000 reference in the bible to children and poverty that is the big potion of gods word dedicated to these two toxics. Obviously these things are very close to Gods heart. " and the king shall answer and say unto them Very say unto you Inusmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethen ye have done unto me."


Being born in poverty doesn't stop the world's best and brightest student. they are eagrer to learn,eager to make difference in the word. And they are precisly the reason the Leadership Development Program was Created.

Our Mission

Our main goal is support the children

Our latest feeding project was at the Cut - Cut outside gym. We fed over 450 deserving families.

Played games and entertained the children. We handed out gifts donate by local comunity.

Why You Should join us


Because we are symbol of hope and peace and we want to express our profound gratitude through gift giving.

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Food Feeding Program

Food Feeding

June 26, 2021

Food Feeding

June 27, 2021

Food Feeding

June 27, 2021

Latest news

Psalm 1 Victory Foundation and Philippine Airforce group join the Aeta children with their photo shoot during the feeding program.

Psalm 1 Victory Foundation founders with the Aeta children.